Monday, January 3, 2011

702-Where are they now?

Lamisha. Kameelah, and Irish

Earlier today the movie "Pootie Tang" was on (didn't watch it) and I recalled that the former girl group 702 (remember them?)  was on the soundtrack for that movie. I really liked 702 when they were hot in the 90's...So, Where My Girls At? Okay...I had to do it.

Since the groups disbanded you can find an interview here with one of the members (Kameelah Williams who has a son with Musiq Soul Child) but for the most part they've been pretty quiet.

The original membesr of 702 were the Grinstead Sisters LaMisha, Irish, the late Orish and their cousin Amelia. They were discovered by Sinbad (the comedian) and later produced by Michael Bivins. They did a song with the male group Subway-"This Lil' Game we Play"
Later Amelia dropped out, leaving the group as a trio, then later Orish left the group, and was replaced by their friend from High School, Meelah (Kameelah Williams).
They released their first album "No doubt" which went gold and had a handful of hits.
Their third album "702" also went gold.

The girls had their issues as most groups do, with members leaving and coming back. At one point Misha (LaMisha) dropped out of the group to take care of her son, while Orish returned for a while to take her place. Then Kahmeelah went off to do her solo thing but it just never took off.
Irish and Misha then found a replacement, Cree Lamore. But that all ended again as Misha, Irish, and Meelah reunited with a new album called "Star," which many people didn't even know about. Their reunion was short lived and they once again parted ways. Here and again Misha  and Meela would lend their vocals to songs. As far as the girls getting back together, that maybe a No, because according to Meelah's Twitter page, she is now a solo artist.
On top of not being able to keep the group stable the girls suffered tragedies, as it was rumored that LaMisha was diagnosed with breast cancer, in 1999 Kameelah's mom passed away due to a fatal car accident which sent Meelah into depression, and  in 2008 Orish passed away due to kidney failure at the age of 27.

Throw back photos:

Irish and Orish
Orish, Kameelah, Irish